SDF Software Update (Version 231)

Combining VMP and Floriday day offerings
In the phase of transition to Floriday, there is a great desire from a number of growers to use daily supply and VMP side by side. This means you only need to enter availability once more to publish this from SDF to both your VMP links and Floriday. Sold quantities are counted down centrally.

Speed improvements for Floriday letter printing
With the advent of Floriday, the auction letter process has changed dramatically. Whereas SDF used to create the letter itself, it is now created by Floriday and then downloaded into SDF. SDF has now optimised the download process so that waiting for the letter takes minimal time.

Show Floriday letter on screen
From this version it is again possible to show the Floriday letter on screen, just as it was possible with the EAB.

Internal remark on the packing note
Because with the connection to Floriday more information is sent with the order to Floriday, the desire arose to make remark fields for internal use only. The aim was to include packing instructions on the packing note. SDF will therefore no longer send 'Order remark 1' and 'Order remark 2' to Floriday, and these will serve for internal use only. Product remark 1 (clock)' and 'Product remark 2' are fields that are used to send information with the order to Floriday.

Check for duplicate articles improved
SDF will issue an error message when creating an article code that already exists. It will also not allow the already existing article code to be created again, so this cannot happen in the future.

Link with Hooray HR software
From the time registration in SDF, it is now possible to link to Hooray's software. So if you use this software for your HR business, contact us for the possibilities.

The extensive version documentation can be accessed from within the SDF software.
To do so, in the SDF operation, go to 'Help' -> 'Information' -> 'Version documentation'.
The version in question is version 231.