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SDF Horti Software offers the expertise to take your work processes to the next level. This expertise is supported by our software, which combines 40 years of experience and sector knowledge. Our consultants configure the system in such a way that all of your cultivation and sales processes are optimised.

Our solutions

Versatile ERP Solution for horticulture

  • Salesflow
  • Hortiflow
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Workflow
  • Stockflow
  • Visionflow
  • Growflow
  • Datamanager


Provide your customer with the best offer at the right time. SDF is the market leader in order processing for floriculture companies and is the driving force behind and involved in all new sector initiatives. For example, SDF is the discussion partner in the development of Royal FloraHolland's Floriday API.



SDF's expertise will give you peace of mind and overview in your process and on the workfloor during challenging conditions. The trend shows that more and more small orders are being placed by customers. Thanks to our powerful software with extensive capabilities, you will get all your sold products to your customers on time.

Greenhouse Manager

Greenhouse Manager

Nurseries around the world use SDF's logistics control system, the Greenhouse Manager. With the Greenhouse Manager, you control your automated growing system and maintain a real-time overview of the greenhouse.



SDF Workflow makes labour registration quick and easy for both you and your employees. Workflow is tailored to your business like a tailor-made suit. You have the choice of manual registration to fully automated workplace tracking.



SDF Stockflow is the stock management solution that creates flow in your stock.
Whether you want to keep virtual stocks based on what you can sell, or whether you want to oversee an entire distribution site with physical stock compartments, with SDF it is possible.



SDF Visionflow is the global provider of advanced grading cameras (Vision Systems) for floriculture. Specifically developed to classify and sort all types of crops at wide setting and delivery. Our software package has been developed and integrated with these grading cameras. It provides automated collection of crop data. Visionflow can be installed as an integrated or standalone system.



SDF Growflow gives you insight into your cultivation process. With its modular basis, you decide how much detail you want. Growflow includes registration of your cultivation process as well as a comprehensive cultivation planning function and cost calculation.



With Datamanager, the possibilities of getting to work with your data are endless. In SDF, you are in charge of what data becomes available within an SQL database environment.


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We are SDF Horti Software.

A partner that supports your nursery(s) with software solutions from supply to order processing such as stock management, Floriday, planning, labour registration and control of logistics processes.


SDF in practice

Oriental Group

Danny Erkens

“SDF Horti Software is our partner in workflow. SDF plays a role in almost every process in our operations. Whether it's controlling the cultivation system, the packing process or sales, SDF has it all. SDF takes a thorough approach and comes with specialised advice.

Thanks to the software, everyone in our company knows flawlessly what is expected of them and what items they need in the process. Thanks to clever layout of our packing slips, which even show product photos, errors are kept to a minimum and we quickly get from order to packed product.”

Pligt Professionals

Gert van der Pligt

“SDF drives our order processing and planning. SDF provides us with the advice and overview we need. Orders are automatically classified on a trip schedule. This enables us to give our packers the right prioritisation. Together with SDF, we also make steps in our crop planning. This module helps us arrive at an accurate picture of what we can deliver to our customers at what time.”

KP Holland

Roy van der Knaap

“Since the 1990s, we have been one of the first customers connected to SDF Horti Software, a specialised software partner with targeted advice. This long-standing collaboration has helped build the growth and prosperity of both companies. From the entire breadth of the software package, but particularly in internal logistics and order processing, the software contributes to maintaining and improving our position as a leading producer of Kalanchoe, Spathyphillum and Curcuma. ”


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SDF Horti Software is constantly evolving. Follow our SDF updates and read all about our latest developments and our vision for software within horticulture.

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