SDF's expertise will give you peace of mind and overview in your process and on the workfloor during challenging conditions. The trend shows that more and more small orders are being placed by customers. Thanks to our powerful software with extensive capabilities, you will get all your sold products to your customers on time.

Endless possibilities

SDF's Hortiflow provides you with endless possibilities, including:

  • Order overview & status tracking (highly flexible and configurable)
  • Packing slips (fully customisable)
  • Packing slip scanning
  • Automatic printing of customer labels, container stickers and plant passports
  • TGW (value added) and mixtures
  • Internal notes for e.g. work instructions
  • Transport/delivery time planning
  • Real-time stocks/deliverable product

Hortiflow Professional

With SDF Hortiflow Professional, you are literally in control of your entire order process! Thanks to smart apps and web screens, you can show your order information to whom and where you want.

Your employees receive live information of what they need to do their job optimally. With buttons they can operate via touchscreen screens, the employee gives commands to the system (e.g. sticker printing) or gives a new status to the order. As a result, each step of your process is efficient.

You save:

  • Errors: no one is looking for the right receipt anymore, information is clearly displayed.
  • People: walking movements become shorter, people no longer need to call each other.
  • Costs: overtime is less common, you do more with less.
  • Stress: there is more calm at your company, everyone knows where they stand.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?