SDF Stockflow is the ultimate stock management solution of both your plants and other stock items in real time. Stockflow's Warehouse manager component ensures flow in your warehouse or distribution site.

In addition to your saleable quantities, Stockflow also keeps track of your physical stocks on the shop floor. That way, your warehouse employee knows where everything is and your employee never misses out. With a handy app the 'Warehouse Controller', you can see what the stock balance is, and reorder immediately if necessary.

Complete overview

The components of Stockflow:

  • Supply nursery

Suitable for virtual numbers of plants that are ready for sale. This stock can be calculated with your cultivation planning or registration (Growflow) or entered manually based on inventory by your cultivation manager.

  • Stock of trolleys and barrels

You use auction and Danish carts within your nursery, and possibly pallets or other load carriers. You also stock various types of kegs. To keep track of outstanding balances, you need smart software. SDF has this software and facilitates this process. For instance, with every order/delivery, it automatically calculates and displays in clear overviews what this means for your trolley or keg balance.

  • Value-added stock (pots and other ornamental items)

Besides plants, you also supply decorative pots or other ornamental items. At an increasing number of nurseries, the success of this is such that large stocks of added value are created. To keep a good overview of your saleable stock, you need software that provides you with this overview. With SDF Stock Added Value, you keep track of the available numbers, have insight into the value of these stocks and how long items have been there.

  • The warehouse manager

With this software, you are able to manage physical stock location. With the warehouse controller app, there is insight on the shop floor and mutations can be made. With the warehouse controller, the following stocks can be managed:

  • Plants
  • TGW
  • Trolleys
  • Barrels

Curious about the possibilities for your company?