Expanding SDF functionalities - Floriday

Floriday Order Receipt and Floriday Offer as functionalities probably sound very familiar to you. Did you know that much more is possible within Floriday? In addition to these two functionalities, SDF now offers support for five other Floriday functionalities.

Floriday Order Receipt
Thanks to Floriday Order Receipt, you can now receive orders in a whole new way through the Floriday API. This link ensures that orders are paid for neatly via Flora Holland. What do we offer you?

  • Create articles.
  • Complete order processing in SDF.
  • Convenient checkout via Direct Sales Delivery & Payment.
  • Receive clock transactions in SDF.

Floriday Offer
Quickly and easily place your offer on Floriday. It's never been simpler!

  • Post offers for day trading.
  • Create offers based on items for weekly lists.
  • Simplify completing your offer.
  • Set prices for different customer groups.
  • Publish offer lines from SDF directly on Floriday.

Floriday Additional Services
Expand your services with easily added extras, such as stickers and packaging materials.

Floriday Direct Sales Orders
With this functionality, you can still effortlessly enter and handle orders that do not come in through Floriday.

Floriday Customer Loading
Create your own kegs and link them to processing codes in Floriday. This functionality supports this in SDF, allowing you to create customer-specific loading rules and offer them on Floriday. Your customers will then see these specific offers in the assortment. And you can even assign one item to multiple customers with specific barrels.

Floriday Grouping Orders
This convenient functionality allows you to group orders from the same buyer if they order the same items for the same shipping time. This way there is only one line on the packing slip with grouped barrels.

Floriday Remote Locations
If you have multiple stock locations, this functionality is a valuable addition. With it, SDF provides orders with external location attributes. SDF ensures that these orders are printed at the correct location while processing takes place at the correct location.

Would you like more information about all the features in SDF? Then feel free to contact one of our consultants or the SDF help desk.