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SDF Horti Software launches Stockflow

SDF Horti Software launches Stockflow: the future of inventory management

In a world where efficiency is essential to the success of any nursery, SDF is launching Stockflow. Stockflow is more than just another inventory management tool -- it is an innovative solution that transforms the way you manage your warehouse or distribution site.

Stockflow offers great flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly manage both plants and stock items. Whether it's supply from internal locations at one nursery or collected centrally from multiple sites, Stockflow ensures that you're always in control of your inventory, value-added, carts and barrels. Continuous visibility and complete control of your physical stock on the shop floor.

"Sander van Egmond, operations manager at Vireõ: Since implementing the system, communication has been simplified and fewer mistakes are made. With the new system we have saved costs in several areas, including labor and logistics costs and our efficiency has been optimized. In cooperation with SDF Horti Software, our inventory management is under control."

Stockflow was born out of collaboration with SDF customers, with the goal of proactively responding to constant changes in the market and increasing efficiency within the industry. This innovation can do much more than provide solutions to current inventory management challenges; it opens the way to unprecedented improvements in efficiency and cost savings for nurseries.

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