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Scope of work maintenance contract

Scope of work maintenance contract

Examples of items that do fall under the maintenance contract are:

  • Short help desk questions that fall within a maximum of 15 minutes at a time, up to a maximum of 4 hours per year. If it takes more time, the issue will be handled further as second-line support. Depending on the priority, it will then be pursued further, which may incur costs.

Examples of issues covered by the maintenance contract provided that they are related to imperfections in the SDF software, excluding situations where Floriday sends incorrect information or in the case of user errors.

  • Situations where letters do not print as expected.
  • Orders not coming through to Floriday with an error message in the Floriday delivery list.
  • Data expected from Floriday but not received.
  • Errors in message communications to the extent that they are within the functionality of SDF.
  • Errors displayed under the "Notifications" menu option to the extent that they are within the functionality of SDF.

Examples of items not covered by the maintenance contract are:

  • Placing of regular updates by consultants and helpdesk (update related to repair of bugs may be covered by the maintenance contract)
  • Work related to server migrations
  • Adjustments of overviews and/or packing lists, packing slips and invoices.
  • Adding or modifying functionality and/or design that is not currently available or in use, such as adding printers, statements and sales methods.
  • Restore or convert data, except when related to an update or software error.
  • Manage and adjust operating system or hardware, or customer configuration changes that result in errors within the SDF program.
  • Creating and maintaining backups.
  • Work not related to the SDF software.
  • Repair work on the SDF software due to modifications or misuse by the customer or third parties without prior approval from SDF.
  • On-site assistance when remote access at the customer's premises is not possible.
  • Modification and/or improvement of the software at the request of the customer. This is only possible after an offer from SDF and/or confirmed agreement from the customer.