Software update (Version 232)

Update Release process SDF

At SDF, we have embraced the foundation of continuous improvement, in which we scrutinise all our organisational processes to evaluate and optimise them. This includes the "Update Release" process. By adopting an even tighter development schedule and a more critical selection of issues per version release, we are now able to provide our valued customers with relevant updates in an even more frequent and structured manner. We understand better than anyone that these updates are crucial for your business operations.

One of the key people playing a crucial role in this process is our new tester, Thomas. Working closely with our experienced consultants, he runs extensive and in-depth test scenarios, critically scrutinising every aspect of the software. This has a direct positive impact on the quality of our versions and on the overall performance level of our ERP package.

Version 232 is our latest and most advanced version to date. Our team of dedicated consultants will contact you during the next quarter to guide you through the seamless transition to this new version. This version includes numerous enhancements aimed at optimising functionality and strengthening the connection between your SDF software and Floriday. We want to make sure you get the most out of our software.

Some notable new features and improvements you can expect in Version 232 are highlighted*:

Hortiflow Professional
One of our new products is Hortiflow Professional, which is designed to support the digitisation of your order process. Have you noticed that employees often call back and forth for orders, or that there are many inefficient movements due to running back and forth with receipts? Hortiflow Professional can solve these problems for you. This innovative product is constantly being extended with new functionalities, and this Version 232 sees its first operational commissioning. We will continue to keep you informed of developments around this product, which can help you significantly optimise your packing process.

Hortiflow: plant passport
If you use our reliable Scan2print label scanners, we have good news for you. With the new ability to print both customer labels and the plant passport when scanning the packing note, we offer a practical solution that will make your process even more efficient. Our team is ready to set up this feature for you, so feel free to contact our helpful helpdesk to make an appointment.

Growflow: Growflow Controller
With our brand new app, Growflow Controller (crop registration), you can now easily enter the percentage of your deliverable plants. This gives you a clear overview of which plants are on the cultivation floor and suitable for delivery. But that's not all; this app is packed with other interesting features that can improve your operations.

Stockflow: Warehouse manager
Managing stock is vital to your business operations, and understanding your stock allows you to respond quickly and appropriately to market demands. Developed with all these aspects in mind, SDF Stockflow provides you with comprehensive overview and control of your stock. In Version 232, we have further improved this product, which now also shows kegs, carts and product characteristics in the Warehouse Manager. This provides an even more detailed view of your physical stocks in the warehouse.

Salesflow: mixtures input expanded
If you use the mixture function in SDF, you can now easily specify a container group at 'Input Mixture'. This allows you to quickly adjust the mixture content for all containers within a certain container group, e.g. for the container group '5-hole carton'. This saves you valuable time and effort when managing mixtures.

Improved yield overview
Our updated yield overview now shows even clearer data on your screen. Cancelled orders are excluded by default, giving you a more realistic and sharper picture of your actual yields. This helps you make informed business decisions.

SDF weekly offer
When you communicate your weekly offer from SDF to Floriday, you can now also communicate the storage per transport/load carrier and divide it by the number of plants. This avoids including transport costs in the plant price, giving you the same logic and working method as Floriday.

Merging provisional and final orders
In day trading, small orders come in all the time. To simplify this process, in Version 232 we developed a merge functionality (addition on the packing list) based on delivery time and buyer. Until now, this functionality worked only for finalised orders. In Version 232, you can add new order lines from provisional orders to the final order. This allows you to manage your daily trading even more efficiently. Please consult your SDF consultant for detailed instructions on how to set up this function in the new version.

Changing the delivery location
Following feedback from growers, Floriday has decided to make the delivery location customisable for buyers. This change can now also be made in the delivery letter. This gives you more flexibility when placing and changing orders and deliveries. Moreover, you can change the delivery location on the same letter afterwards.

Changing carts/plates
Soon it will be possible to change carts/plates without creating a new letter number. In the past, such changes required the creation of a new letter number. SDF did this automatically in the background when making corrections to carts/plates. From now on, the letter number will be retained for this action. Nothing changes for you in the working method. The advantage is that you retain the letter number and an extra bit of efficiency has been gained in the digital processes. The daily statement check also runs better, because letters from the past on which a correction has taken place can now be matched with the submitted corrections again.

Changes in Floriday

Expansion of payment methods
In SDF, we have recently added both E-Wallet and FloraExchangeServices as new payment methods. These additions are designed to support the full range of payment options within Floriday.

Stickers and other additional services
From now on, buyers can also add additional services to their order, such as grower printing of stickers. This means that growers can now generate revenue in all cases when buyers want stickers, provided the grower has set up this service.

Checks for invalid characters in article codes
SDF now performs checks for invalid characters in article codes and article descriptions. This prevents Floriday from accepting article codes with invalid characters. For example, double spaces in article codes are no longer allowed. If you try to save an item with invalid characters, you will receive a notification from SDF.

Photos per load in the article
It is now possible to add a photo per load to the article. This allows Floriday to display the correct photos per load. For this function, you need the Floriday customer loading function in SDF. If you are interested in activating this feature, please contact us for more information.

Improved error feedback
We have made technical changes to error feedback within Floriday. These changes have been integrated into our API, meaning we can now accurately display error messages from Floriday in SDF. This will result in more reliable error handling and clearer display of error information, further improving your experience with our software.

We are excited about these new developments and improvements, and we believe they will take your experience with our software to the next level. Our dedicated team is ready to support you in upgrading to Version 232 and answer all your questions.

*The comprehensive version documentation can be accessed from within the SDF software.
To do this, go to 'Help' -> 'Information' -> 'Version documentation' in the SDF-operation.
The version in question is version 232.

Contact our helpdesk to make an appointment. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with advice and the latest software version.