Floriday | Connect EAB

Royal FloraHolland is working hard to adopt Floriday. As a software supplier, SDF is actively involved in developments within Floriday. The transition is essential for a sustainable solution and further digitalisation of the sector. SDF helps you through this transition.

Floraholland is saying goodbye to the Connect EAB. Manual orders are now also handled via Floriday using SDF's Salesflow solution (the order modules). With this, you immediately benefit from more trading opportunities and get more insight into the deliveries being handled. An SDF customer states: "Order processing via the Floriday API is faster, avoids time-consuming errors and provides us with new customers."

Clock trade handling is now also handled via Floriday. The latest version of Salesflow, version 231 is connected to this. So make sure you switch to SDF Software's extended Floriday module in good time.

It is important that you prepare by:

  • Checking whether you already have version 231, if not we will schedule an installation for you (via helpdesk@sdf.nl or via our portal).
  • Checking your article codes for completeness (loading schedule, linked customers for customer-specific articles, at least 1 linked photo for all articles you sell via Floriday (and therefore also clock).
  • Make your delivery details per customer complete, with each customer a valid drop-off method and corresponding delivery address must be entered.
  • Check in your CRM (customer management) whether the buyer GLN still corresponds to the buyer number according to the table behind the magnifying glass at GLN code. As this is a lot of work, please check this for your top 30 customers. Errors in this can only have occurred due to manual adjustments of the header number in the CRM in SDF.

For the update/implementation visit, we will contact you and visit you.

For more information about Floriday and Connect EAB (and the upcoming tariff on Connect EAB): Direct delivery via Floriday: available in more and more software packages - Floriday

Of course, you can also contact Floriday with questions and/or comments. Contact the Support team on 0174-352070 or support@floriday.io.