SDF Workflow makes labour registration quick and easy for both you and your employees. Workflow is tailored to your business like a tailor-made suit. You have the choice of manual registration to fully automated workplace tracking.

With automatic registration, each employee is given a unique tag, which the employee uses to register their labour. With SDF Workflow labour units (powered by Android), you easily register labour in the greenhouse, barn, office or any other location.

In addition to our units, there is also the option of using the SDF app, the Workflow Controller, on your smartphone. Both solutions can also be used in combination.

Tailor made

SDF's Workflow provides you with endless possibilities, including:

  • Recording of self-defined activities
  • Recording break times
  • Forms of contract
  • Correcting booked data
  • Work sheets / work statements per employee
  • Linking e.g. with cultivation, location and batch data
  • Automatic counts
  • Access control
  • Multiple levels: employee – employee group
  • Performance overviews
  • Comparing multiple years
  • Full support for multiple locations.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?