Greenhouse Manager

Nurseries around the world use SDF's logistics control system, the Greenhouse Manager. With the Greenhouse Manager, you control your automated growing system and maintain a complete overview of the greenhouse. This applies to container, gutter and vertical farming systems alike. You know in real time where your crops are in the greenhouse, in which cultivation phase and with which cultivation period they are there. The Greenhouse Manager is fully configurable.

Complete overview

SDF's Greenhouse Manager provides you with endless possibilities, including:

  • Visual representation of your cultivation system
  • Automated orders
  • Complete crop registration
  • Overviews of the cultivation process in your nursery
  • Crop protection applications
  • Control on PC, Tablet and Smartphone with the Greenhouse Controller
  • Cost calculations (including overheads)
  • Customised data links (e.g. with your climate computer)
  • Expandable with our Vision systems

Curious about the possibilities for your company?