SDF presents new corporate identity and future plans

Since its acquisition by KUBO GROUP last May and the actual establishment of SDF HORTI SOFTWARE, the team has been working hard on the revamped SDF over the past period. SDF's proven software supports crucial business processes and is indispensable for modern horticultural companies. With 40 years of experience, knowledge and expertise, SDF is an authority in the market. With a fresh look in a new form, the enthusiastic team continues to grow SDF with new élan, together with its customers. Naturally, these developments call for a new logo and a new corporate identity; colourful, innovative and with a good flow, themes that we want to continue to stay true to in working with our customers.


SDF Horti Software supports nurseries with custom software solutions. From supply to order processing such as stock management, Floriday, planning, labour registration and control of logistics processes. It's nice to be able to rely on solid software for these crucial processes in your business. Systems need to be reliable and user-friendly, and provide the right information for operational management. SDF already offers several smart solutions such as HortiFlow Professional, where our customers are literally in control of the entire order process using smart apps and web screens.

In addition, SDF remains committed to more user-friendly and intuitive software solutions. For instance, SDF will soon introduce a new greenhouse control application; the Greenhouse Manager. This software control is intended for both container, gutter and vertical farming systems. With the corresponding apps, this represents the future in control of cultivation systems. We will announce more about this in the near future.

We are currently investing in the team, the organisation and the product. We will also actively engage our customers in our future roadmap. ‘Customers can rely on sound advice. Keeping our systems and apps up-to-date will be our top priority,’ Marc indicates.

Partners in workflow
Pieter Zwinkels, Sales Manager, further explains the ‘Partners in workflow’ slogan. We develop and produce custom-made systems with the aim of gaining more knowledge through information. Using these systems, you can quickly anticipate changes in the market, cultivation, processing, purchasing and sales. The ultimate goal is greater efficiency and higher returns for the grower. This can only be achieved by working together with growers; combining knowledge and expertise. Together with the grower, we arrive at the best solutions.